handcrafted crucifixes – please call or e-mail for price information

MB02: Featuring an 18 inch Crucifix shown in Walnut with a bronze-plated Corpus.
MB21 Series: Featuring an arched design that makes it stand out from the wall, Crucifix is available in sizes ranging from 5 ½ inches to 12 inches.
MB27 Series: Inlaid Crosses featuring inlaid and outline details are available as a wall or standing Cross in walnut and oak.
MB28:Featuring a St. Benedict Crucifix design with a 2-sided view of the medal, this Crucifix is available in an 8 inch size with either silver-plated or bronze-plated Corpus and medal sets or in a 12 inch size with the bronze-plated set.
MB38:Featuring an Orthodox Crucifix design in sizes 71/2 inches and 10 inches with a hand-carved “INBI” sign.
MB42 Series: Featuring a classic Crucifix design available in sizes ranging from 4 ½ inches to 9 inches.
MB45: Featuring a hand-carved Crucifix available in sizes 8 ½ inches and 13 ½ inches, in either an assortment of wood or one type of wood.
MB46: Featuring a 12 inch standing Crucifix which is also available in 4 ½ inches (MB07) and 8 inches (MB08).
MB54: Featuring an 8 inch double layered Crucifix shown in Walnut.
Each Crucifix is handcrafted in Canada. All proceeds are donated to help the poorest of the poor in India. Availability may be limited.

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